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Jimmy's Final Fantasy VIII Site
1Ward: Battle with Dr. Odain at the president house in Esta.
2Kiros: at disc 4, battle with Card Queen at the escape pod.
3Laguna: Battle with Eluone.
4Selphie: Battle with a friend of hers in Trabia Garden.
5Quistis At the classroom of Balamb Garden, have a battle with one of the two girls of Triepe fan club.
6Irvine Battle with Card Queen.
7Zell Battle with his mother in the city of Balamb.
8Rinoa Have a battle with Colonel Karway with a card of Ifrit. (He says he wants Ifrit card.) Then lose the game. When you have a battle again, he'll use Rinoa card.
9Edea Battle with Edea.
10Seifer Battle with Cid.
11Squall Battle with Laguna.