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Jimmy's Final Fantasy VIII Site
The main character, who of which is Squall, became a soldier and student of Garden and then later became accepted into the prestigious SeeD organization. He was an introverted person until he met Rinoa at a party; he is inspired by her free way of life and becomes more sociable. Also, unbeknownst to him, Rinoa is part of a rebel faction against Galbadian Rule. And about this time the State of Galbadia declares war on the world entire. As the leader of Galbadia makes his declaration of war speech, Edea, the witch who rose from the darkness of solitude and came up from the ashes and into rememberance, is by his side. As by mandatory reasons, Squall joins Rinoa to assasinate the evil Edea to put an end to it but as they come ever closer to ending it all, Seifer comes in to complicate things and forges an alliance with Edea. Even worse, there is a parade for Edea and the people of this world adore her as an icon of good intention. This is the world of Final Fantasy VIII, this is the world of which you must defend.