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Jimmy's Final Fantasy VIII Site
Squall Leonheart - Age: 17 - Height: 5'10'' - Weapon: Gunblade

Squall Leonheart is some bit of a loner, a bit anti-social, and yet later he is influenced by Rinoa and becomes more of a free spirit. He carries the Gunblade, the handle of the weapon is like a revolver, and it has a blade instead of a barrel, hence the name, surprisingly enough, the Gunblade! The blade of it starts right where the revolver bullet chamber ends, and tapers down to a sharp point. His name, Squall, infers to a weather phenomenon out in the ocean; a passing shower of sorts. Also, He seems to have some sort of competition with Seifer in which Seifer envied Squall at one time and took to being training partners with him but unfortunately it ended in a fight in which he cheated and left Squall with a scar across the face; consequently Seifer bore the same mark.

Zell - Age: 17 - Height: 5'6'' - Weapon: Martial Arts

Zell is a friend of Squall's, and he is a member of the SeeD team as well. He can be a bit temperamental and perhaps a few moodswings. He does not use a weapon, but martial arts instead. He has a tatoo on his face which is probably some sort of family "coat of arms". But in any event, I think it's cool. He also seems to think that Seifer is a bit of a crazy because whenever Seifer brags about being bored when he's not fighting, Zell makes an exasperated remark. Now that I'm through telling the truth on him, it's time for me to have the need to fill up space to preserve my plan of layout. Zell is probably the person I would like the most out of all of the characters of FF8. Sure, I like Squall but Zell just looks more like me. Actually, combine Squall and Zell and there's probably more of a resemblence.

Rinoa - Age: 17 - Height: 5'4'' - Weapon: Weapon Blaster Edge

Rinoa is a free-spirited person and it's this free spirit which draws Squall to her and eventually changes him into a more social person. They obviously have something going, kinda like the love triangle with Cloud, Tifa, and Aeris but here it's Rinoa, Squall, and perhaps Selphie or Quistis.. She is in the demo, but in the real game she is replaced with Selphie. Her weapon is like a crossbow boomerang, called the Blaster Edge. she is probably one of the more powerful magic users since she had most of the magic in the demo. She also might have a connection with Laguna. Since she has a low HP I really didn't use her when I played the demo. Also, She reminds me of Final Fantasy VII's Tifa.

Laguna Loire - Age: 27 - Height: 5'11'' - Weapon: ~gun?~

Laguna is a character you play in part of the game. He's a bit like Rinoa but not much at all like Squall. I believe that he works for the Galbadia army. Now that is all that I know about him as of now. As I usually say though, as soon as I get that game and I go through it, I will report on it. I'm estimating that I'll beat the game in 80 hours. It took me 60 hours for Final Fantasy VII and since FFVIII is longer it will probably take longer to beat. And I am determined that I will not use any cheats of any sort at all on this game the first time I play it. Using cheats just takes the gameplay strategy, skill, and feel right out of the game. Although, so I don't sound like a hypocrite since I do post gameshark codes on this site, I don't like cheating but cheating can make playing games a bit funner. But using cheats the first time playing a game is really really bad for what one gets out of playing the game.

Seifer Almasy- Age: 18 - Height: 188 cm - weapon: gunblade

Seifer is the leader of Squall's SeeD team. He has close ties to Edea the witch, and his intents in life don't seem to be all that pure either. He wears a white cape with an insignia on the right shoulder of a red cross. He calls his gunblade the cross sword. He has a personal problem with Squall and as far as I know it doesn't have basis. Squall and Seifer fought sometime early in the game, and they exchanged scars during the battle which can easily infer that he's evil. And in my opinion, he looks like a punk that goes to my school who of which gives me the "evil eye" for no reason. Even more evidence that he's evil. Lastly, according to my sources, after the Dollet battle, he no longer fights with you.

Edea (witch) - Age: unknown - weapon: magic

In the dark period of the world of Final Fantasy VIII, witches were the rulers. They controlled entire masses in their reign of terror. Although they still carried the mortal weakness, they were nonetheless all-powerful and their powers were carried on by the giving of it to others. But through the centuries their kind faded out into nothing more than a forgotten page in history. Then, out of the darkness rose Edea, a witch set on reclaiming what had previously been. She forged an alliance with the Galbadia countrystate and with her backing the president, making the state seem invincible, Galbadia declared war on the world and victory seemed sure to be theirs. And somehow through this, Seifer was able to have some sort of partnership with Edea.

Irvine Kinneas - Age: 17 - Height: 185 cm - weapon: shotgun

It is said that Irvin is not a student of the Garden, but evidently, he has something to do with the Garden. He dresses like a cowboy and uses a shotgun as his weapon. Although, this is all I know about Irvine, but when I get the game, I'll have all of the info on him. As Irvine would probably say, although I don't know much about him as afore mentioned, he would probably say "howdy!". And then he would talk about stuff other than howdy. Although that is only an assumption. Going along with these cowboy assumptions, I could also assume that he likes cowboy things which could fall under the catagory of "cowboy". These things might include cowboy hats, guns, horses, wild west, singing in bars, gunfights, beating people up, saving girls, getting bad guys, and other cowboy-like things such as that. And yes, I am just making stupid assumptions to fill up space so the layout of the page is still intact.

Quistis Trepe - Age: 18 - Height: 172 cm - weapon: chain whip

At 18 years of age, she is already a teacher at Balamb Garden - Called "Trepe Teacher" by her pupils. With here fantastic fighting skills, she enroled in garden at age of 10, and entered SeeD at the age of 15. Although that is all I know about her right now I'm going to still go on about stuff to fill up space. I don't believe that someone that young can actually enter Garden at that early of an age without having connections. And, noting that her weapon is a whip, we can infer that she is a dominatrix. I will just say that she might whip the Garden people into letting her into the school. Then she might coerce people to respect her by saying she might whip them. And her name, "Trepe", might be pronounced as "Trap" as some sort of trap that whips you, or "Crepe" some sort of dessert that whips you. Either way, I've just made her out to be some sort of entraping, bribing, sweet, coercing teacher with a tendency to whip the masses.

Selphie Tilmitt - Age: 17 - Height: 157 cm - weapon: nunchaku whip

Selphie was recommended for SeeD but I'm not sure who recommended her. Personally, she doesn't exactly look like the kind of fighter that could kick anyone's butt, but that's neither here nor there. Evidently, though, she is a good fighter and can be classified as a Melvin. Selphie meets up with Squall and his friends while they are on the dollet mission and is in your party from that point on for some odd reason. If I could control Squall imperialistically, I would just forget about Selphie and try to get Quistis as a permanent member instead but as we all know, that won't happen.